This Morning I Ran Out Of Gas...

Per usual I was running late for work this morning.  I knew my gas light was on but decided that I could easily make the 20 mile drive to work.  I was very wrong.  When I was about 10 miles away I noticed that my car was starting to lose power.  I couldn't drive very fast and then all of a sudden, I couldn't drive at all.  Luckily I was able to pullover to what I thought was a safe spot - an entrance ramp to the Northern State Parkway.

In a state of panic I tried calling my Dad - when he couldn't be reached right away I texted/bbm'd every guy I knew that could possibly offer me some sort of guidance in this type of situation. 

After about 20 minutes of straight chillen on the entrance ramp, a police officer, lets call him Officer Jack-Ass,  came over to see WTF my problem was.  I explained my predicament and he went on a rant of how he could give me a ticket for this but probably won't.  He then asked for my driver license and grilled me with so many questions. He wanted to know why I was coming from New York City if my address says Nassau County and if I was headed to work or really going to the beach (I have no idea why my destination point was relevant) etc.  This cop and his seemingly never ending line of questioning was preventing me from calling my dad, my insurance company and roadside assistance.

Another 20 minutes has now passed, I am still on the entrance ramp sans gasoline and am on the verge of tears from frustration.  OJA decides that my car can't remain where it is and tells me to put the car in neutral then let it roll about 50 feet to the end of the ramp and then up on the curb since there is no shoulder.  I tell him I have never driven in neutral before.  He does not care - he says he will stay behind me to make sure I make it.  In the midst of freaking out, I shift the car to N and let it roll.  The steering wheel is tight and I am on a ramp so I start to pick up some speed.  I start to panic that the breaks won't work so once all 4 tires were up on the curb I simultaneously stepped on the break pedal and put the car in P.  It jerked - but it stopped. At this point I was finally able to bid adieu to OJA and try making some phone calls.

While I am on hold with the insurance company Papa Dukes beeps in and tells me he will be right there to rescue me, to hang up with the insurance company and to just sit tight.  He arrives about 15 minutes later puts some gasoline in my car, makes sure my car starts, yells at me for a bit then throws me his credit card and says to fill up the car all the way and get my ass to work.

It's like just when I was running out of blogspiration, my spazzy self manages to run out of gasoline on the highway. FML.