There are so many exciting things happening in my life right now that I feel like I am in a constant state of spazmania.

On November 5th I am moving into the most fabtastic duplex/penthouse apartment with Momo. The only thing is I have to be out of my current place by the 1st so I've been packing packing packing packing.

Moving out of my apartment is bittersweet, I am uber excited to live with one of my best friends but I am sad to leave Eve.  When we moved in together we were simply acquaintances set up by our mutual friend Sabotage. But in the past year we have become really close and have had many wild and hilarious moments.  I am waiting to see what happens this weekend with Halloween before blogging about our year together.  For now we can revisit one of my most memorable posts about us as roommates; Attack Of The Pigeons!!

I have also started taking weekly private Karate lessons at New Generation Karate for self-defense purposes.  I always thought the idea of self-defense for a woman was silly because if a beast huge man is coming at me it's certain he will win. But I could not be more wrong.  My instructor is teaching me techniques that will, at the very least, put an attacker in pain long enough thus allowing me sufficient time to run far away.  The best part is I am actually not spazzy! I kick-ass at kicking ass! Karate is also the best stress reliever, a very close second to shooting guns.  I do a lot of things to lower my stress level - I run at least three times a week and take Bikram yoga classes (though I have not gone to Bikram in some time) and I use this blog as an outlet for my thoughts. But NOTHING releases tension from your body quite like holding and shooting a machine that has the power to kill someone or using all your might to punch and kick at bags or at the pads worn by the instructor. It is also a very intense workout and leaves me in pain for 3-4 days afterward.You can watch me shoot here.

Running is something I started just over a year ago and I have grown to love it, to depend on it. When I started it took extreme effort to run just 1 mile, now I find that I can run 3 easily and am always pushing myself to complete 5.  I signed up for the New York Road Runners 4 Mile Jingle Bell Jog - it's in December you should all come watch! While I can run semi-long distance, I am certain that I lack the necessary brain function to have complete coordination so I may or may not run with the same swagger as Pheobe Buffay.

Along with moving, running, karate and potentially being a personal trainer (more details to follow) I am in the process of starting MY OWN company.  I can't go into too many details yet as I am looking into patenting my idea but it is going to be for dog owners in New York City.  There is a blog that you can check out at http://www.tailmeaboutit.blogspot.com/ and you can follow my company on Twitter.  I am so excited about it! I have partnered up with Starryeyed and we have 5 employees - Wild Child, Sabotage, Burns, Lo and PLands.

Oh! Wild Child and I started a collaborative blog called Novel Girl and The Magnetic Shiksa - check it out at http://hotmesssocialdiaries.blogspot.com/. We are two hot messes who dig alliteration and blog about books, bands and boys.

Lastly, cynical me has started reading a dating blog. It's written by a 24 year old woman and tells of her experiences with dating men in New York City.  She's very honest, shares a lot of details and provides her own advice to singletons.  Her stories are funny, happy, sad, exciting etc. She doesn't hold back or try to only show herself in a good light. She admits if she does something awkward or when things don't work out perfectly.  What I like most about it is her positive outlook on finding a forever kind of love, it gives me a small hope that maybe, just maybe it really is possible. Most recently she was broken up with via BBM (we've all been there girl) and asked if anyone knew of someone to set her up with. I did! They went out last night and she blogged about how wonderful it was! Please check out her site if you don't already http://www.carlyschronicles.com/. Carly and I have never met, we've only 'tweeted' and emailed, but she trusted me and so far it seems things between her and my friend are going swimmingly!

Is matchmaking in the cards for me too? Just call me Yente.

Eeekk! So many happenings - total spazmania!

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  1. I'm so proud of you girl... you are so much more than lucky. This is all fabulous stuff that you are embarking on. Being pretty is just an added bonus. Kick ass, take names, dougie your hot mess self to the penthouse and then tailmeaboutit!!