Computer Meet Fashion. Fashion Meet Computer.

The geek in me has always been a fan of 1980's cult movie classics. So I get super excited when these classic films are remade with all kinds of glorified additions.

Coming to theaters on December,17th from Disney productions is Tron: Legacy a remake of the 1982 computer hacker film Tron.

via imdb.com
Via imdb.com

The fashionista in me has always been a lover of shoes. Expensive shoes. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I spend way too much money on them. But what can I say? I simply adore them.

You're probably wondering what shoes and Tron have to do with each other. Well, Disney and Opening Ceremony have collaborated and formed a line for men and women of clothing and shoes to celebrate the movie release of Tron: Legacy! It is futuristic and a little bit "out there" but still very, very cool.

ThreeASFOUR Circle Bag Via openingceremony.us

Neoprene Sock Boot Via openingceremony.us

Bodice Dress Via openingceremony.us
Tulip Coat Via openingceremony.us

Opening Ceremony and Disney collaborated on some pieces to celebrate the release of Tron.Killer boots man! $395.00 at your local O.C. or on the web.p.s. today’s harry potter post is coming up this afternoon
Via textbook.tumblr.com


Racer Jacket Via openingceremony.us
Racer JacketVia openingceremony.us

!!!! While I think the Lanvin/H&M collab is fabulous, only a geek like me would get uber excited about THIS collaboration. I'm lucky I'm pretty...

Opening Ceremony New York's store transformed its windows to represent Tron world:

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