Sometimes You Want To Go...Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I moved to Gramercy Park with Momo at the beginning of November but we've been so busy unpacking and reorganizing our lives that we had yet to explore our new 'hood until this past Wednesday.

We got all dolled up and managed to leave our apartment only an hour and a half later than originally scheduled.  Despite the cold  weather we opted to go sans jackets and walked, slightly freezing, the few short blocks to, stop #1, the new Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue.

There was no line at the door (it was a Wednesday night) but nonetheless we were stopped by the bouncer. No, it's not what you're thinking, we were allowed in, the hotel was just dealing with a minor incident at the rooftop bar.  I mean, some girl got her head cracked open and was bleeding all over the floor. NBD. We were told it would be a two to five minute wait but the bouncer let us in after about thirty seconds.  He escorted us to the elevator and told us to act as though we were already inside.  Of course I missed this last bit and proceeded to make comments on the very pretty hotel lobby. I totally dig the purple chandeliers.

Via GansevoortPark.com
Via GansevoortPark.com
Plunge was fun, and while Momo was a little afraid of the floor-to-ceiling windows I loved them.

Our next stop was The Hurricane Club. We did not stay here for that long because mostly everyone was dining.  I need to eat here, this place is beautiful. Someone take me? K, thanks.
Via Thrillist.com

Via NYCPolar.com

The last and final stop of the night was at The Polar Lounge. Momo does a great job of describing the interior in her post A Night in Gramercy in Review.

At TPL we received free shots from the very good looking bartenders and had our picture taken by a Perrier promoter. 

There are pictures of polar bears all around the bar and I swear they remind me of Parker, even though he is neither a bear or white.

The very best part about this lounge is that it is on the corner of my street.  I had yet to realize this because TPL is located in the basement of the Marcel Hotel at Gramercy and the door is unmarked.  We had such a great time that there is no doubt in my mind that Momo and I will be drinking at this lounge quite often.

I knew I would miss the East Village when I left it but, after "roomie night out" #1, it seems a love of Gramercy Park has commenced.

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