Adderall Muscles Or How I Broke 2 Mirrors In 2.5 Months

Adderall Muscles are similar to Beer Goggles, whereas Beer Goggles refer to the phenomenon that occurs when someone drinks alcohol and suddenly terribly unattractive people become beautiful, Adderall Muscles occur when someone eats Adderall and suddenly even the most heavy/difficult/strenuous of tasks become easy/light/enjoyable.

Mirror Break #1 - October 28th, 2009
When I moved from my old apartment to my current place I decided to move some things over before the movers came to take my furniture. I ate an Adderall, courtesy of my old roomie AB, and packed a bunch of suitcases to load into my parents' truck along with some lightweight furniture and the full length mirror that was mounted behind my bedroom door. My super strong Dad unloaded the truck and lugged 3 very heavy suitcases up 3 very steep flights of stairs to my new apartment so that my waiting mother could unpack them. Me, being the useless SPAZ that I am wasn't doing much of anything (this was impart due to a small battle I was fighting with Vertigo).

That's when I remembered the mirror! It wasn't heavy and only slightly awkward to carry due to its length. I brought it all the way up the 3 flights and by the time I made it to my front door both me and my mirror were unscathed. SUCCESS! ehh not so much. I slowly opened the front door and, lo and behold, I SMASHED the mirror on the, I SWEAR never before seen, marble floor molding that is so nicely placed at the entrance to my apartment.

Conclusion: Broken glass was everywhere...

Mirror Break #2 - January 14th, 2010
Today I ate an Adderall and decided that I would be really great at carpentry, yes, carpentry, as in the trade of a carpenter. I broke out the tools that my new roomie DG and I have in our makeshift toolbox and got to work on hanging curtains in our living room and my bedroom. These tasks were completed semi-successfully as everything is still hanging, just not so nicely.

My final task was to hang a mirror in my bedroom. This mirror was chilling in my living room since November and was wrapped very securely in cardboard by the movers. I ever so gently unwrapped it and even managed to get clean it without causing any type of destruction. I lifted the mirror off of the floor and placed it on my bed. That's when, to my surprise, I heard a shatter. I look down only to find that my SPAZZY self didn't just place the mirror on my bed, but rather I placed it directly on top of the hammer that was already laying there.

Conclusion: Broken glass all over my bed...

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