Evidently Guidos Are Spazzy Too

Whenever I am in need of a laugh I can always rely on Hank Muscles to tell me a good Guido story. Whether it be about his hair not looking exactly how he wants it or that he ate really badly the day before. Or my all time favorite - something along the lines of his muscles just not being where they should be considering we are already a week into April and summer is just around the corner.

Today's story out did any other.  I literally almost peed my pants.

Everyone does weird shit when they are alone. I am sure of that.  But I think HM might have us all beat.  Basically, Hank Muscles likes to practice his fist pumping Jersey Shore style crazy ass mofo dance moves in the shower.  But last Thursday, things went terribly wrong.

Here is the scene. HM is in the shower and Cascada's "Evacuate The Dance Floor" is blaring on the radio. The beat starts building and HM is loving the music and is not only fist pumping in the shower - but has starting doing really awesome spin moves. 
Like figure skater legit spin moves. - HM
Hank Muscles completely lost himself in the music and spun off the safety mat and landed not very gracefully on the side of the tub.  His elbows are completely bruised and they still hurt.  I was promised pictures. Get on that HM!!! GRRR!

Poor HM has a cut on his right elbow and a welt on his left forearm.  I didn't know if I should laugh or feel bad. So obviously I laughed at him and requested to blog about it.

The scenario wasn't so funny for Hank in the moment.  He laid on his back in the tub staring at the ceiling for about 15 minutes just feeling humiliated and "utterly defeated." 

And the worst part...I came down with a thunderous crash, probably shook the whole house, [because of his huge muscles mass] and none of my roommates even came in my room to make sure i didn't fall in the shower or something.  But I'm glad they didn't as I would have had to explain why Cascada was blaring and why I was laying on my back in the bathtub - HM
 Nice friends you got there Hank.

Next time you try out new dance moves.  Try and do it on a dry surface. SPAZ. I don't need to start worrying about YOU hurting yourself.  You're supposed to be the one who worries about me!!!

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