My Hero Blogs About Her Hot Pocket - For Obvious Reasons This Needed To Be Censored!!

Wild Child is my hero.  She and I met freshman year of college when we pledged the same sorority and have since become each others girl crush great friends.  We share a passion for living life to the fullest, being surrounded by crazy good people and we both have yellow auras.  

WC has a blog that is extremely raunchy very entertaining and is verging on being "X Rated" slightly ill-suited for the little ones. Whereas mine sits comfortably, and will remain, in the "pg-13" zone.  WC tells stories about her drunken party-girl lifestyle in Rhode Island and the lives of her equally drunken crazy/cool friends.  She does things like refer to her va-jayjay lady parts as "Hot Pocket" or the very inappropriate my favorite "Lower Manhattan." There have been posts about "dinner and dildo dates" girls' nights out and sexcapades good times with good friends. BUT! The very best thing about her blog is that Yours Truly makes a lot but not enough (in my opinion) frequent appearances.

In order to get WC to stop asking level the playing field with regards to telling our readers how great we are posting about each other. I have decided to share one of her many more recent hooking up guy stories.

Wild Child met a hot piece of ass nice young Rhode Island dude at a bar through a mutual friend.  Words were exchanged and finally BBM Barcodes were scanned and sexting witty banter led to plans to meet up the very next night.  That night, Wild Child and her new Flavor Of The Week friend are participating in some heavy petting friendly conversation when their eyes get diverted to the bathroom door.   WC says, "If we were dating right now...." and FOTW finishes her thought with "we would have sex hang out in the bathroom?" Wild Child smiled at the fact that this guy was right there with her very sexual/kinky thought process and then she became completely obsessed even more excited when he said "We will, in about 8 months."

Updates of their blossoming sexual relationship friendship will definitely be shared.  I can not wait to hear more.

I just told Wild Child that I think this post about her is my best work yet.  She replies:

I'm wet just thinking about it. Ha.

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  1. I love the "censorship". Where did you get that brilliant idea from? I would guess from an amazingly awesome, brilliant blondie.