Vainglorious - My New Favorite Word - Surprised?

I am just kidding about really liking the word 'vainglorius.'
However, some might say it's egocentric to create a blog about your own life and only blog about yourself. So, beginning with my next entry, and as a stolen idea from a good friend ND, I will be incorporating humorous and zany stories from the lives of some of my close friends. This will be done through the use of aliases in order to maintain anonymity. (With their permission of course).
For life is simply a series of events like scenes in a movie and, in the movie that is my life, there are many co-stars that contributed to making me the SPAZ that I am and they shall be honored ever so kindly.

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  1. I like this. A lot. And we are all vain LS. It is glorious.